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We at Akash Graphics are on a mission to explore, a mission to constantly ventures into the creative unknown, to produce unconventional yet effective creative solution. We have adopted a new brand-identity that evolves through our creative explorations.


We believe in the power of the universe and how it guides and shapes us on a daily basis. The logo represents the element of water; it represents movement, flow, and change. It is said to assist in enhancing the creative thought process. It assists in removing obstacle that would disrupt creative energies. The Icosahedron (logo) is an amazing tool that teaches us to ‘Go(Grow?) with the flow’; allowing freedom of expression, creativity and positive change to flow effortlessly through us. 

         We wish to be such catalysts for all your creative needs by assisting you in your vision to achieve desired creative goals.


It has been a 25 years of creative journey in which we have continued to unconventionally think about advertising & design, to truly harness the power of all mediums and unlock the true potential of clients.